5.6. Adding TextbooksΒΆ

You can add PDF textbooks for your course.


Do not use image files (for example, .PNG files) as textbooks for your course, as they are not accessible to screen readers. Review the Best Practices for Accessible PDFs for more information.

Each textbook that you add is displayed to students as a tab in the course navigation bar.

It’s recommended that you upload a separate PDF file for each chapter of your textbook.

When students open the textbook tab in the course, they can navigate the textbook by chapter:

Image of a textbook in a course.

To add a textbook:

  1. From the Content menu, select Textbooks.
  2. Click New Textbook. The following screen opens:
Image of the New Textbook page.
  1. Enter the Textbook Name.
  2. Enter the first Chapter Name.
  3. To upload a PDF file from your computer, click Upload PDF. Follow the prompts to upload your file.
  4. To add more chapters, click +Add a Chapter and repeat steps 3 and 4.
  5. Click Save.