9.4. Test Content ExperimentsΒΆ

You should test content experiments in your course before the course starts, to ensure that content is delivered to experiment groups as you intended.

When you view a unit that contains a content experiment in the LMS Staff view, you can select one of the experiment groups from a drop-down list. The unit page then shows the content as the selected group of students sees it.

For example, in the following page, Group 0 is selected, and the HTML component and video that is part of Group 0 is displayed.

Image of a unit page with Group 0 selected

You can change the experiment group selection to view the content that a different experiment group of students sees.

Image of a unit page with Group 1 selected


The example course content in this chapter uses content experiment terminology to make the functionality clear. Typically, you would not use terminology in course content that would make students aware of the experiment.