12.5.1. Academic Course Credit#

If your institution has an agreement with edX, you might be able to offer academic credit for your course. Learners will be able to purchase this academic credit after they meet requirements that you set. These requirements typically include at least one proctored exam during the course as well as ID verification at the beginning of the course. Learners can see a list of the requirements on their Progress pages.

If your course offers academic credit, your edX partner manager completes the initial setup of your course, including setting the price of credit and enabling your course to offer credit. You can then complete the following steps.

  1. Specify the minimum grade that a learner must earn to receive academic credit in the course.

  2. Add proctored exams to the course. Proctored exams are timed exams that learners take while being monitored by online proctoring software. Only learners who have enrolled in the verified track see the proctored exam option in the course. Learners who are not in the verified track see the same exam in the course, but without the proctored exam option. Specify the Minimum Credit-Eligible Grade#


To make sure that learners’ grades are correct, you must assign final grades for credit courses before you create certificates for the course. You assign final grades after the course end date. For more information, see Ending a Course.

In addition to setting the usual grade scale for your course, you indicate a specific grade that learners must receive to earn credit for your course.

  1. In Studio, select Settings, and then select Grading.

  2. In the Credit Eligibility section, specify a grade in the Minimum Credit-Eligible Grade box. This grade must be greater than or equal to the passing grade for the course.

For more information about grading, see Establishing a Grading Policy For Your Course.