The Publisher Course Run Creation Process#

In Publisher, a course run contains the following information.



Start and end date

Program association


Estimated effort



Content language

Video language

Transcript languages


Course certificates are associated with course runs. However, you configure course certificates in Studio. For more information, see Setting Up Certificates in Studio.

For more information about how to determine this information for your course run, see Planning Course Run Information (edx.org and Edge Courses).

After you have determined and gathered this information for your course run, you use the following process to create the course run in Publisher.

  1. Create the course run. In this step, you provide only basic information about the course run, and Publisher creates a page for the course run.


    As soon as you create a course run in Publisher, Studio creates a URL for the course run in Studio. For more information, see Create a Course Run or Access a Course Run in Studio.

  2. Edit the course run, adding all required information for the About page.

  3. Send the course run to the edX PC for review.

    Usually, after the PC reviews the course run, the edX publisher receives a notification. The edX publisher role then creates an About page preview.

    In some cases, the PC makes changes and returns the course run to the course team. In these cases, the course team reviews the edX PC feedback, and then finalizes the course run.

  4. Accept or decline the About page preview.