9.2.1. Set Up a Hosting Service#


For courses on edx.org, you do not have to set up a hosting service to store your videos. You can skip to Create a Video.

For Edge courses, you must work with a third party hosting site to make your videos available for streaming or download.

To host your videos, you can use any video hosting site that you want. Many courses use Amazon S3. When you select a video hosting site, we strongly recommend that you keep the following information in mind.

  • The hosting site might have to handle high traffic volume.

  • Not all hosting sites are available in all countries or regions. We recommend that you upload videos to more than one hosting site.

  • Learners’ internet connections vary widely. We recommend that you make your videos available for both download and streaming.

  • The URL for your videos must end in .mp4, .mpeg, .webm, or .ogg. The video player cannot support videos that you upload on sites such as Vimeo, Dailymotion, or other sites that use their own player.


    To help make sure all standard browsers can play your video, we strongly recommend that you use .mp4 format.