7.10. Sharing Course Content on Social Media Platforms#

EdX course video content can now be shared to a select list of Social Media platforms. At the time of writing, this feature is in limited release, please reach out to your platform operator to include this feature.

7.10.1. Supported Platforms#

Currently, edX supports sharing content to

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • LinkedIn

Other platforms may be added in a future release.

7.10.2. Enabling Content for sharing#

The course outline will have a new selector near the top of the page, labeled “Video Sharing”. This control enables you to manage how video content in your course will be shared. Options are:

  • Per Video

  • All Videos

  • No Videos

Studio course outline page displaying the options for video sharing.

7.10.3. Sharing Control#

The different options in the control will enable you to share all videos in a course, share no videos, or allow control on a per-video basis. The default state for a course is Per Video.


Setting the control to All Videos or No Videos will enable or disable sharing for all videos in the course, regardless of any per-video setting. Per-video settings are preserved and will apply if the course is set to Per Video Per Video#

This is the default state for a course. The default state for a video is unshared. To change the sharing state for a video, click the edit option for the video and navigate to the Social Sharing section. This section of the editor will indicate if this video is shared and if the course or the video controls if it is shared or not.

Content Editor displaying sharing controls for a single video


Per video share state is persisted even if the course is set to all or no videos. Changing the course to per-video will restore what ever state the video was in beforehand. All Videos#

Setting the course to All Videos will enable the social sharing links on all course videos. No Videos#

Setting the course to No Videos will disable the social sharing links on all course videos. Any previously shared video links will no longer work, clicking on one in a social media platform in this state will return a 404 error.

7.10.4. Video Interaction#

The social media platorm, when able, will redirect interactions (i.e., clicks) back to the edX platform and provide a rich interaction with the video and the course. On this page one can:

  • Play the video, with all edx specific controls, as in a course.

  • Learn more about the course.

  • Directly enroll or if already enrolled, retun to the course.

A public video being displayed on the edX platform