The Publisher Course Creation Process

In Publisher, a course contains the following information.


Course information remains true for every run of the course. Course run information changes each time the course is run.

Required Optional
Title Additional subjects
Number Learner testimonials
Enrollment track (also called certificate type) FAQ
Price of a certificate (if the course offers a certificate) Syllabus
Short and long description  
What learners will learn  
Primary subject  
Link to the course About video  

For more information about how to determine this information for your course, see Planning Course Information (edx.org and Edge Courses).

After you have determined and gathered this information for your course, you use the following process to create the course in Publisher.

  1. Create the course in Publisher. In this step, you provide basic information to create a page for the course in Publisher.
  2. Edit the course, adding all required information for the About page on the page for the course in Publisher.
  3. Send the course to the edX marketing team for review.
  4. After the edX marketing team reviews the course, review the edX marketing feedback and finalize the course.