12.8.1. Overview of Xpert Unit Summaries#

Xpert Unit Summaries will summarize Text and Video Transcript text for learners at the end of a unit to reinforce the information that was contained in the unit.

When enabled by the course team, learners only need to click the Summarize button at the bottom of the unit to see a condensed summary of the content.

../../_images/summary_button.png ../../_images/summary_content.png

Learners can learn more about how the summary was generated by clicking the information icon below the summary.

Learners can leave feedback about the summary using the thumbs up and down icons at the bottom right of the summary card. This feedback is only shared with edX for the purpose of improving the tool.


Not all pages have the Summarize button, as the system automatically selects which units are eligible for summarization based on the amount of text in the unit.