6.3. Creating and Announcing a Course Using Publisher (edx.org Courses)#


This process applies to courses on the edx.org site. If your course will run on Edge, you create the course and the About page in Studio. For more information, see Creating a New Course in Studio or Creating a Course About Page in Studio.

Publisher is a companion to Studio. The topics in this section provide an introduction to the Publisher tool and describe the Publisher process, from the time when the course team creates a course to the time when the About page is published on edx.org.

When you are ready to create a course and course run on edx.org, you add information in the Publisher tool. The information that you enter depends on your goal.

  • If your goal is to enter course content in Studio immediately, you enter a small amount of specific course and course run information in Publisher. EdX will then create a Studio URL for a course run, and you can add content and modify settings in Studio. For more information, see Access a Course Run in Studio.

  • If your goal is to create a course About page, you enter all required information in Publisher. EdX then creates an About page for your course run and publishes the About page on edx.org.

For more information, see the following topics.